Please allow me to introduce myself; I'm a man of wealth and taste.
My name is Doctor Zeppo Alexander Dunsel, and as you might have guessed, this is a name chosen to honor several television shows.
What shows exactly? Read on and you will know. But first take note of this: Disclaimer: No rights can be derived from these pages!!!! And as a matter of fact: I'm going to leave the rest of this enterprise to my employee. I really can't be bothered by something as mundane as building a web site. O yeah… One more thing: Every franchise mentioned here is owned by the franchise owners, and by no one else. These are the boys and girls with all the rights to these franchises. I have no other connection to them, except for certain links. That's it. That's all. Period!

Who is this Doctor Dunsel exactly?

He comes from the universe of Star Trek, somewhere in the 25th Century.
Doctor Dunsel is a strange man. Just look at his grandparents.
His paternal grandfather is partially a Tellarite and his paternal grandmother is partially a Ferengi.
His maternal grandfather is partially a Klingon and his maternal grandmother is partially a Vulcan.
He considers himself to be an EMH. In this case that doesn't mean Emergency Medical Hologram, but Extremely Modest Hew-man. He isn't even completely human!
From his grandparents he received the following wisdoms:

Not that his wisdom helped him in any way…
He traveled back to the nineties of the 20th century and fell in love with two beautiful women and these two women seemed to love him as well.
After a night of passion he found himself to be undead, for these lovely ladies were vampires whose names were Darla and Drusilla.
Zeppo's greatest regret is that he is unable to ask Buffy's autograph without being dusted.

Why this name, whom does he wish to honor?


Well, the name Zeppo refers to an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. An episode of the third season to be exact. And to be even more exact, this episode was called: 'The Zeppo'. In it there was a scene were the beautiful Miss Cordelia Chase called her former boyfriend Xander Harris 'The Zeppo' of the Scooby gang. It was a put down. She compared him to Zeppo Marx, the Marx brother who supposedly contributed practically nothing to the Marx brothers. She was wrong of course and she knew it. She wanted to hurt him because he had hurt her by being unfaithful.
Anyway, mister Harris proved himself yet again against a gang of Zombies in this very cool episode of one of the coolest series ever made.


Why not Alexander as a middle name? It's a name associated with a great number of characters in television and other media: Alexander, son of Worf (of Star Trek), Xander Harris (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Lyta Alexander (of Babylon 5) to name a few.


Dunsel is a term reserved for things that have no apparent use. Left over parts that don't fit anywhere. In the original Star Trek there was an episode called 'The Ultimate Computer'. In it Commodore Bob Wesley called Jim Kirk 'Captain Dunsel', because the M5 multitronic super computer had sort of taken his place as commander of the starship Enterprise (NCC 1701). It was just a tease on the Commodore's part (an old friend of Kirk), but it hurt nevertheless.

Zeppo Dunsel is a name of defiance! A name to honor the universes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and of Star Trek. A name to honor some of the greatest characters ever.

Why does he call himself a Doctor?

He has a false sense of self-importance really. Nothing more.

He is a self-proclaimed expert in the field of being a couch potato.

So, if you have medical questions, look elsewhere (which was a cool hospital drama by the way…).

The Doctor's wisdom (or so he thinks…)

Well, at the moment he has come thus far:

"Singularities suck!"

He thought of this 'pearl of wisdom' when he came a little too close to one.

He wanted to study it because of the things it has in common with vampires like him. Not the bats but the undead human bloodsuckers of course.
Just think of it:

The human undead vampire: No longer living, sucks blood, extremely dangerous.

The singularity (as in a black hole): A dead star, sucks just about anything, extremely dangerous.

Since that moment the good Doctor has been screaming for a TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space, The Doctor's favorite transport vehicle).
"A TARDIS, a TARDIS, any Kingdome for a TARDIS, for in every generation there is chosen one to boldly go where no one has gone before!!"
Or something like that.

He also considers singularities as doorways into alternate realities. Realities that might explain several apparent mistakes in continuity and consistency of several fictional universes.
Not all agree with him.

Dunsel Dogma's.

  1. The Calendar starts with the year 1! There is no year '0'. The third millennium and the 21st century start therefore with the year 2001. Not with the year 2000.
  2. Evolution is a fact!
  3. There is no god.
  4. Humanity must colonize space in order to survive.
  5. Science is the best tool to describe and understand reality.

The Web Master.

That would be me: Wouter Valentijn.